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Chaozhou government pushes ceramic products quality and standardized construction     2012/06/04

These years, Chaozhou government pushes ceramic products’ quality and standardized construction. It guides companies to update the technique to the international standard. The Outward appearance modeling, Physical performances and functions of sanitary wares reach or surpass the same kind of products in the world. The industry structure is optimized. It urges companies to strict check the products more carefully so that the unqualified ones won’t enter the market. The out-date products are eliminated. The creative companies come forth. It enhances the market competition in this region manufacture. During the process of strengthening products standard construct, Chaozhou government exerts itself in four points. First, unify cognition. Propagandize products standard by meeting and technology course. Second, organize companies to emend products country standard. Because the standard was formulated many years ago, it does not measure up the international market. Most of the main manufacturers in Chaozhou participate in the modification of country standard, GB/T3532 positively. Third, organize experts to assist companies to enhance manufacture level. Now, most of the companies pay only attention to products standard, but ignore produce and technology manage. The qualities of products can’t be guaranteed. And the energy and materials are wasted. To solve this problem, experts assist the companies to reduce energy and materials consumption by introducing standardization of manages. It really enhances the qualities of products and manages levels in our area. Fourth, the government pays special attention to the experiment sites. In order to expedite products standard construction steps, government chose some companies as experiment sites of manages levels. The organization of standard council usually instruct the manager, skilled workers and masters to discuss the manage standard in each post.