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Kaies Sanitary Ware’s spokesperson Huang Dani     2012/06/04

The international famous brand Kaies Sanitary Wares formally signed with well-known Chinese artists Huang Dani on DEC.28, 2009. It marked a new brand strategy of Kaies Sanitary Wares has started.

Huang Dani, as a famous artist, always shows with a fashionable & healthy appearance in public. Kaies Sanitary Ware is initiating"Fashion, Comfort, Health” as new life concept with Huang Dani by using such rapport characteristic of her. It has become another apotheosis of cooperation between company and star.

Huang Dani said that she has been using the sanitary wares from Kaies since several years ago, because she was attracted by its life concept.  The concept that Kaies always initiates, does satisfy the citizen of tracing the high-grade life, and leads the trend of fashion life. Therefore, she feels very honor to be a spokesman of Kaies.

We believe that under the strong call of Huang Dani, the slogan “Fashion • Warm • Kaies, enjoy the high-grade life” will be the best interpretation of the “Healthy, fashionable lifestyle” ideal that we always operate.