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Public praise is the best advertisement    Kaies Sanitary Ware (China) Co., Ltd. 2019/08/05

After over a decade of continiously fast development, market share of Kaies Sanitary Ware is increasing constantly. Product quality and market competition of Kaies is highly valued in more than 80 Countries around the world including UK, America, Canada, Netherlands, Russia, South Africa, Australia, UAE, etc.

Kaies products are produced strictly followed the International Sanitary Ware Standards, which is strict enforcement of International Quality Control System of ISO9001:2008. Seven test processes are carried out by each person in charge of each group. Any product with flaw would be screened out. Making checks at all levels, to reach the acme of perfection. With 5 years of quality guarantee, any product with quality problem can be returned or exchanged without condition.

Rooting in the markets at home and abroad,  Kaies Sanitary Ware can always follow and combine the fashion trends between dometic and overseas markets. Professional well-designed by Kaies R&D team, all shows the utmost noble quality of products.

What Kaies provides is satisfying cost-effective products which can be accepted by ordinary consumers. Kaies is established in the principle of service promotion. Public praise is the best advertisement. Kaies Sanitary Ware pay attention to the quality control before sales, professional kind recommendation during sales and thorough technical service. Constantly improve word-of-mouth effect, which makes Kaies products positive market image. With high quality and thoughtful service, Kaies has won awards including “CHINA TOP 10 SANITARY WARE BRAND”, “CHINA FAMOUS BRAND”, “CHINA CONSTRUCTION RECOMMENDED BRAND”, “CHINA EXCELLENT ENVIROMENTAL PRODUCTS”, and “THE NATIONAL CONSUMER TRUSTS SATISFACTION BRAND”.